Hip Replacement Surgery Raises Stroke Risk

A new study which was published in the journal Stroke from the American Heart Association reveals there is a greater chance of a stroke within the following two weeks after total hip replacement surgery. The risk of ischemic stroke rose by 4.7% and hemorrhagic stroke rose by 4.4%. The lead researcher from the Netherlands stated […]

Insomnia Increases The Risk Of Stroke

Insomnia can increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks a new study has shown. The study which was carried out by researchers in Taiwan have found that lack of sleep could lead to major health problems in the future. These include an higher risk of cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart attack. Problems […]

Eating Fish Can Reduce Risk Of Stroke

New findings suggest that eating oily fish twice a week is linked with a reduced risk of stroke. However, fish oil supplements do not seem to have the same effect as consuming fish. The study shows conflicting evidence associated with the benefits of many dietary supplements. Regularly eating fish with long chain omega 3 fatty […]

Excessive Alcohol Can Put You At Risk Of A Stroke

To mark World Stroke Day (29th October 2012) we are raising the awareness of how important a healthy lifestyle is in combating stroke and other health conditions. Having the odd bottle of wine or gin and tonic may be a good way to enjoy the evening. But doing this regularly may put you at a […]

Higher Stroke Risk In Women Linked With Soft Drinks

A new study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that drinking too many sugary drinks can have a greater impact on stroke risk in women. The research found that excessive consumption of soft drinks was strongly linked with a stroke with ischemic stroke being the most likely in women. Non-alcoholic soft drinks […]

Suffering From A Stroke May Result In Memory Loss

A new study has found that 37 percent of people will get memory loss or dementia after a brain stroke. The study showed that over 70 percent of patients developed a brain disorder, where 30 percent suffered from dementia and over 40 percent developed cognitive impairment. The study consisted of 50 patients in total who […]

Tomatoes Could Really Help In The Fight Against A Stroke

New research has revealed that over one thousand men with high amounts of lycopene in their blood had been at a reduced risk of having a stroke within the following twelve years. In types of foods such as tomatoes, red peppers and papaya, its the chemical lycopene which gives them their distinct red color. For […]